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" We see a Stronger world Connected through Fashion and Time "


FashTime changes the users’ mindset of how visual content is appreciated. We bring back one of the oldest units of measurement used to quantify interest and appreciation: Time.

Likes suck

Likes suck

A Like is not fractionable (interest cannot be measured on a scale).
A Like leads to social media pressure and is often put out of “pressure”.
Likes are overused (or underused).
Likes can be bought easily.



Time is the real currency of attention.
Time reduces the pressure from not being liked (enough).
Time is not purchasable.
Time democratises interest.

Time & Fashion

Time & Fashion

Fashion is not “liking” something.
It’s paying attention to or being interested in something.
Time is key in Fashion. Time defines Fashion.
Time measures trends and attention.

Likes suck. Think in Seconds.
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We worked to embody these concepts into disruptive digital products.
However, there is more besides the idea of Time…

" Be seen as a fashion-digital reference point for the Gen Z, Millennials, the fashion market (and beyond). "
User Engagement, E-commerce Conversion, Analytics

FashTime is a start-up that develops cutting-edge digital tools, with a strong focus on the Millennial and Z Generations and the Fashion, Lifestyle and Automotive Markets.

We target 3 areas of activity:

User engagement

User engagement

Focus on cool social media

The Millennial and Z generations use social media to engage with their favourite brands.
Gen Z is likely to experiment with new services provided by retailers.

Overload on feedback

Especially the Gen Z is offering more feedback than any other cohort.
Half of Gen Z social shoppers say that they give feedback often or very often.
E-commerce conversion

E-commerce conversion

Get Closer to the costumer

Since 2010, there has been a 530% increase in social media advertising:
consumers are engaging with social channels for product info and purchase.

Don’t be scared about Ads

As digital natives, Gen Zs use different networks for each stage of their shopping journey and have developed a high tolerance for digital ads.


Get insights to enhance your followers / costumers

Measurement has become increasingly complex due to fragmented customer journeys.
Connecting with customers in the right moment is crucial.

FashTime means…

Millennial & Z Generations
Fashion, Lifestyle and Automotive Markets
User Engagement, E-commerce Conversion, Analytics

" We make fashion-digital disruptions that drive the world forward. "
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The Challenge

The first content-sharing business tool to enable users to vote between two paired photos with a click.
The first analytics tool to provide the Time-based HeatMap.
Engage your followers, connect to your e-commerce and receive world-exclusive analytics.


Create your 2-in-1 photo post and tag the photo items


Share and wait for your followers to vote or make actions.
A tool for your brand’s social media profiles and beyond


Get the report and see where people look at and for how long: Demographic + time-based HeatMap

The Video Tag Editor

Let your business bring e-commerce into your social media video.
The first tool for Brands to place moving tags on social video content.

Video Tag Editor


Upload your video to be shared on social media


Place moving tags on social video content


Inform and redirect viewers in the simplest way possible

Custom for your business

Customized fashion-digital tools to engage the next generation.
Designed and made for you.


Challenge with multiple photos


Video challenge


Website integrations

FashTime For Business

The suite of fashion-focused digital technologies made for brands building momentum with the Millennial and Z Generations:

Challenge, Video Tag Editor and Customs

FashTime Mobile App logo

The new way of connecting with a social community

The Profile Bubbles: Simply smarter.

Choose how to play.
Sign up as a Normal User or a Pro one.

The new way of sharing our life and discovering others’

The Bubble Posts: Simply more fun.

Create a Moment (1-photo post) or Challenge (2 photos in 1 post).
Tag items, occasions, locations and day-time with our bubbles.

The new way of finding content and social shopping

The Fash Tags: Simply more accurate.

Touch the bubbles to filter content.
Search whatever you want with our tags.
Click and buy.

The new way of liking & thinking

The Fash Time: The real currency of attention.

Opening a photo makes you spend seconds on it.
Gain as many seconds you can and check your Fash Time.

The new way of voting & taking decisions

The Fash Vote: The fastest way to vote.

By swiping left or right, users can express their preference on two photos.
Once a challenge expires, see how many swiped A or B.

The FashTime Mobile App

The Fashion Lifestyle Network where brands and the Millennial and Z generations come together in a new way and decide on daily challenges.
The first platform that eliminates the concept of the over-used “like”, replacing it with the measurement of Time spent on content.
"Think in seconds"

" We reimagine how fashion is shared and help brands move forward. Digitally. "

How FashTime benefits brands and users

Engage and reach followers through a new innovative game

Make it easier for your followers to help you decide

Connect directly to your site

Catch trends with a new and meaningful social currency: Time

Receive targeted analytics that actually help you make decisions

Crowdsourced Design and Prototyping

Market Research and Merchandising

Participative Marketing

Direct product identification for social video content

Increased e-commerce sales from video content

Viewers immediately know which items and looks appear in any video

Instant ability to buy products seen in video

No distortion of traditional video experience

For Brands

Engage and reach followers through a new magical experience

Connect to your site and know easily about your products’ use

Measure trends with a new and different social currency: Time

Make it easier for your followers to help you decide

For Users

Preserve and discover fashion-digital memories magically

Find what you’re looking for and buy it

Know the real interest of people on what you share

Take fast decisions together

Where to use FashTime's products and maximize benefits

Social media

Social Media





In store


Higher social engagement and e-commerce traffic.
Insights to customer tastes before the purchase.
Lower cost of data science division.
Unbiased testing of products and more.

" Be the partner of choice and add value on a constant basis. "